Sustainable Transformation

At Qhuba, we’ve witnessed the transformation of Technology into Digital Transformation, shifting its prominence from the basement to the boardroom. Today, we observe a similar evolution taking place around Sustainability.

Sustainability strategy is no longer a mere nice-to-have; Doing well by Doing Good has emerged as a top priority!


With the Sustainability sprint, developed together with, we co-create an experience with a group of people to define their sustainability agenda and execution plan.

The goal: to enable participants to simplify their thinking about how to define and realize the sustainability ambitions of the company. The sprint provides clarity, confidence and control in achieving these ambitions.

The outcome is a documented scan of the current situation with regards to sustainability and what opportunities exist moving forward. Based on this, we jointly develop a roadmap detailing which tangible steps the team can focus on, to accelerate their performance.


“During the sustainability workshops we developed a a strong bond and the feeling of teamwork was definitely there. It helped me to meet new people from other parts of the organisation and understand their mindsets and understanding of sustainability. I am sure that doing the workshop as a team created a lot of strenghts that were not obvious when working individually or within my own department. The methodologies used helped me to shift my perspective to view things in a different way. In the end I definitely felt empowered and motivated to lead the organisation on its path to become fully sustainable”
– Green Team of European Telecom Company
“The workshops propelled us from vague ideas about sustainability to tangible plans, sparking inspiration to surpass our initial goals. They were a valuable investment, kickstarting our sustainability journey effectively. Working with Chris and the team is a serious recommendation for anyone dedicated to sustainability. The interactive sessions were enjoyable and engaging, adding an element of fun to learning. Personally, I gained a new perspective and deeper understanding of the mind’s workings. The workshops fostered the belief in our capability to instigate real change. Overall, they were immensely valuable, offering both learning and enjoyment, inspiring gratitude for the impactful inspiration provided.”
– IT department of global Martime Group
“I think that every company should determine its own innovation agenda. You can’t outsource that. It’s fine to sound boards with external parties, but you have to own your digital transformation yourself. That’s why I like working with Qhuba so much. They have the same vision. They don’t try to pull it out of your hands. They support, hold up a mirror, stimulate and sometimes play the role of thorn in the side. But they leave responsibilities where they belong.”
“It is smart to involve an outsider in that process. Someone who holds up a mirror to you, who asks questions if you think you’ve already given the answer. Someone who helps you to dig deeper, to look further. Richard did that very well. He quickly won the trust of our employees because he did not make decisions for them, but let them gain insights that enabled them to come up with a better plan themselves. That is essential, because this is not an exercise that you can leave entirely to an external agency. You have to do this yourself.”
-CEO Von Essen Bank

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