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Sustainability Coaching

You might have sustainability goals in place as company or business unit – perhaps you defined them with the help or our Sustainability Sprint. In both cases it can be challenging to execute the steps required to move forward.

Qhuba’s sustainability coaches can help you take the next step.

As a coach we will provide guidance and knowledge to help you walk the transformation path in a controlled and organised manner.  Where required we can involve subject matter experts on specialized topics.

Before we start the coaching process we will validate scope, ambitions, results and available resources. After that we will propose a timeline with planning, necessary resources, risks, activities and milestones to give you a clear overview of the results and the efforts required.

Once the plan is agreed we start working on making your company or business unit more sustainable. The coach will guide and support individuals or teams involved in managing and executing the sustainability transformation.

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It is time to act.

It is time to act.

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