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We offer the perfect match for interim assignments in terms of content and behaviour

Qhuba has experienced professionals who have sat on both sides of the table. For example, the program managers we employ have all held high-level line management roles at some point in their careers. At our clients there is often a separation between change agents (who are good at exploration) on the one hand and line managers (with a focus on exploitation) on the other. We combine both.

Qualified interim professionals

Resources that are temporarily deployed at clients require a broad spectrum of competencies. They must have sector knowledge and process knowledge as well as be familiar with the technology they work with. In addition, depending on the assignment, they will have to be specialized in line management, program management or change management. Just as important is the match on character, culture and behavior between the client (both the person and the organization) and the Qhuba professional.

Run interim network

Qhuba strives for the perfect match in terms of both content and behaviour, and does not make any concessions. The Qhuba professionals are in most cases overqualified, certainly in relation to the requested profile. This enables them not only to carry out the assignment, but also to propose or make improvements and to act as a sparring partner for the client.

Identifying the right person is not a match on keywords but a match on all aspects of the person. So we need to know, understand and have worked with him or her. Internal and external references are a crucial part of the process of finding the perfect match.

Qhuba interim resources are guided in every phase of their assignment by a Qhuba partner and are constantly challenged to use the knowledge and experience of colleagues in the Qhuba network.

Result of interim management

This approach guarantees the result of the execution of the digital transformation. Thanks to the correct filling of positions in organizations or project teams, with professionals who are fully qualified and committed and who have access to the knowledge and guidance of other Qhuba specialists and partners.

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