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Case – Sustainability Sprint – DSNTY

DSTNY is a leading European company and innovator in business communication solutions. With headquarters in Brussels, DSTNY has more than 700 employees in 7 European countries and an annual turnover of close to €190 million in 2021.

The infrastructure backbone of DSTNY is delivered by the GIS department. GIS wanted to do more around the topic of sustainability. In his home life the CTO is very conscious of this topic and he also wants to incorporate it in his business. The business need for the sprint was created by the need to offer DSTNY customers eco friendly solutions to help them achieving their sustainability goals.

We started the sustainability sprint with the goal of ‘’Leading DSNTY’s sustainability journey by delivering innovative and climate neutral GIS services by 2025’’.

In the five half-day workshops of the sustainability sprint, spread over two weeks, the participants went through various steps. They started with writing down and reflecting on what they are doing today, then hearing insights from different external speakers, and brainstorming (individually and with peers) to gather a list of what specific actions they can take around sustainability. They clustered all the ideas and made them into potential projects. On the way they considered mindset and motivation. In the last workshop, the whole journey with and action plan was presented to DSTNY board members.

The outcome was a jointly developed scan describing the sustainability agenda of the business, and a prioritized list of detailed steps to move forward to achieve their goals. And just as important, an excited and motivated team, ready to spread the word and getting things done.

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