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Sustainability Professionals

You have set the sustainability goals, everyone is excited to start with the new initiatives, but then you discover that you do not have all the expertise in-house or are missing the skills to manage or drive your initiatives.

Qhuba has a network of sustainability professionals with various areas of expertise and experience. We can give you insights on the financial aspects of sustainability, or how to define the CO2 emissions of your company or business unit. We also offer practical help on energy reduction and water usage. We can also help you find a collaboration between companies or non-profit organisations to share knowledge on the topic of sustainability.

Do you need a sustainability expert? Please let Jessica van Beek know via and we will provide you with the right expert!


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It is time to act.

It is time to act.

We are making the shift from Technology to Sustainability, which means a complete rethinking of our companies and our business model. Why are we doing this? Because we must! Because for decades we have all known that we need to change the way we...

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