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Executive Search

An organization in change faces the constant challenge of retaining the right talent at the right time. Finding out who has what competencies is not that difficult in this age of LinkedIn and social media. Finding talent that wants to develop, is committed and will contribute to the success of the company is less easy. Qhuba can help you with this through Executive Search.

Talent is scarce in today’s market. And that scarce talent is increasingly working as a freelancer. While organizations would like to retain and train good employees. New challenges require new solutions, and the traditional recruitment and selection approach no longer works.

Qhuba’s Search & Recruitment approach

In order to be able to offer two qualified candidates for one open vacancy within the foreseeable future, we go through the first four steps below within a month, but usually faster.

1. Intake

Based on the information provided by the client, Qhuba draws up a Company Profile and a Job Profile, containing the challenges, context and specific requirements of the vacancy in relation to the company, team and individual.

2. Candidates

Various candidates emerge from a market search, database search and network search. We approach candidates personally. Based on initial interviews, we compile a longlist that is shared with the client. After this, personal interviews take place between Qhuba Search & Recruitment and the candidates.

3. References and Assessment

The best qualified and motivated candidates participate in an assessment. In addition, interviews are held with referees. These can come from the Qhuba network or have been submitted by the candidates themselves.

4. Introduction

At the end of this process, two candidates are presented to the client, with whom interviews take place. Qhuba motivates why this choice was made and guides the process.

5. Completion

After the client chooses one of the two candidates, we complete the process. In addition, a number of coaching sessions will take place from Qhuba in the first year between the candidate who starts his new job and a Coach Partner from Qhuba.

Because we believe that every role is crucial at every level – the perfect agile coach is just as important as the ideal CIO – we pay equal attention to every role. That is why we charge the same fee for each placement: €10,000.

Executive Search results

This approach guarantees on average 30-40% lower costs than a traditional recruitment agency and a higher success rate because we not only screen candidates well, but also continue to monitor and coach them for some time after placement. In addition, we build up a candidate pool for the expected hiring need in the future.

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