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Simplify Your Strategy

The Strategic Alignment Workshops and Sprints are designed for management or cross-functional teams that have an urgent need to deeply understand and connect with each other in a compressed period of time.  The program is perfect for teams that have been restructured or are preparing to go through a significant transformation. The workshops are based on the Simple Business Design framework and additional topics can be added to the scope.

The Simple Business Design framework has been developed by the Qhuba partner Ebullient Business Designers and is also the foundation for our Sustainability Sprint.

The management team participating in the workshops will achieve the following outcomes…

  • Clarity about how to focus on customer value and how the different departments and functions contribute in a holistic and aligned way.
  • Confidence about the mission and direction of the business with a clear and compelling story to inspire the organization, particularly with new strategy or initiative.
  • Control through the identification of risks and the next best actions to accelerate the execution of the strategy.

The Strategic Alignment Workshops and Sprints are comprised of 5 half-day sessions across 3-4 weeks. Working with the sponsor, we begin with a structured start with a clear agreement on goals to be achieved and your current confidence levels on different dimensions of your business.

Each of the workshops is inspired by different business areas of the Simple Business Design framework. However, we provide ourselves full freedom to work on other specific topics.

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