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DELETE THIS WHOLE SECTION (the blue, green and black areas).

Steps to publish a post as case, blog, white paper or qhuban.

  1. Duplicate this post template before starting!
  2. Prepare your source material, so have your copy and image ready.
  3. Ensure you have minimised the image size for web speed optimisation.
  4. Change the name of this post (remember to have duplicated it first).
  5. Change the permalink of the post.
  6. Save as Draft until ready to post.
  7. Change date if you need to back date to original publish date.
  8. Select the proper category.
  9. Upload the featured image on the bottom right column.
  10. Enter content in the content area below.
  11. If copying old content, then put the old and new URL in Settings > 301 Redirect.
  12. If there are images in the old post, then you need to upload and link the image on this new site.  You do that by downloading the image from the old post to your desktop, finding the image in the text of the new post, delete it, and then click Add Media at the top of the new post box.
  13. Check to ensure there are no links in the post and update any that are there!
  14. Check to ensure correct author on bottom of post page.
  15. Press Publish!


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