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How do you write a good vacancy?

Writing a good vacancy can be very difficult. You have to make sure that you provide the right information in the right way, so that you reach that one ideal candidate for your organization. This blog helps you write a catchy vacancy text in no time and immediately gives some examples. Use the headings as described here and you’ll see the responses pouring in.

The job title

Now that a candidate market is increasingly emerging, companies are looking for unusual, funny or as general as possible job titles. This in the hope that they will find that one person they are really looking for. However, this is something that does not work for most organizations. When you get the requirements of the organization, take a quick look at LinkedIn to see if the job requirements match the job title you want to put above your vacancy.

Start your text with a catchy opening sentence

You want to ensure that the professional you want to attract is enthusiastic about reading the vacancy. With the ultimate goal of course that the right professionals respond to your vacancy.

A few examples:

“Users are inexperienced, but not you? Then you’re the person we are looking for! Do you have the patience and the right skills to deliver what the users are asking for?”

“Independently leading projects, celebrating successes (big) with colleagues and putting a smile on the face of our customers. This is what your job as a consultant with us looks like.”



In this piece you put the information with which the candidate can form an image of the possible future employer. Write down broadly what the organization has done, is doing and where they want to go. Also state what kind of culture they have internally and then go into the position in more detail. For example, state here which department the applicant will be working in: what it looks like (number of people) and what the department does exactly. But also what the reporting line is (attaching an organization chart is always a good idea). Also state in this document where the organization is located and where there are any other locations where the candidate does or does not have to work. Make sure that the organizational goals and values are clearly described in this document.


You will work in a close-knit organization with a flat structure. Informal and a pleasant working atmosphere, without losing sight of professionalism. Short lines of command, a lot of responsibility and room for your own initiative.

“We provide the energy of many Dutch people. We supply electricity, heat and gas for both individuals and companies. You will find our head office in Utrecht, but together with colleagues we also work in Amsterdam, Nijmegen and Haarlem. Together we have a united goal that we want to work towards and that is to become the most sustainable source of energy in the Netherlands.”


In this heading you put down the actual work that the applicant should perform. Do research in advance with other colleagues, team managers and other departments.


  • You are a master in introducing and implementing an Agile way of working
  • You provide training to end users to ensure that what you have implemented is actually used.
  •  You know how to convince managers of the advice you give
  •  Clear communication is not unknown to you
  • You collect the requirements from the right stakeholders so that the changes can be made and implemented by you in the system (indicate which system)



Under this heading, list the competencies and experience that the candidate must have. Think of the background regarding education (if that is really important) and any certificates that are needed to properly perform this role. Here too, it is important that you talk to team managers and colleagues with a similar position to see what the needs of the department are. But also, look at where the challenge lies in this role, what the situation is like now, where it should go and what kind of person is needed for that.


  • You have an Agile certificate in the pocket
  • Salesforce has no secrets for you
  • You are great at empathizing with other people and always have time for one cup of coffee and good conversation
  • You are not afraid of change and are able to motivate people to change


At the end of your vacancy, describe what the candidate will get in return. Indicate what the employment conditions are, whether there is room for personal development, for example by following a course. But also about a pension scheme, lease car, laptop, telephone, etc. Do not forget to state how many vacation days someone gets and whether there is any bonus scheme. Also state here what the next steps of the process look like when someone applies.


“Working with us is not for free. That is why we offer you all kinds of training opportunities with which you can develop further. Of course you also get vacation days, there are 28 per year. In addition, you will receive a laptop, telephone and a lease car from us. If you prefer to come by train, you will receive a compensation for this. And, don’t forget a salary of €3,800 gross per month! When you fill in our application form, we will contact you within a week. The entire process consists of 2 application rounds, one with the team leader and HR manager, the last round you meet the team of your potential colleagues.”


Contact information

Conclude with how the candidate can apply (for example by filling in a form or via an e-mail incl. the desired subject line) and who the candidate can contact with questions.


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